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Dec 15

Pat Stacks - finding his feet again.

By B-Lazer
Just some thoughts on the aussie pocket rocket.

I feel Patty Mills is starting to get more of a feel for the offense in the last 2 games. Today, against dallas he was +9, with three great assists. His shooting on the other hand, wasn't that spectacular, however, with more playing time i believe he will start drilling them in.

Previously people were noting that the offense seemeed to stall a little when Patty entered the game. Today it was a different story. He helped close the gap in small increments, as well as maintain the gap for the most part. I believe the PT is really putting him in good stead. When his defence improves and he starts drilling those 3's, he will really start be a solid contributor.

What are your thoughts on his contribution in the last week or so?


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