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Warren DeMontegue

Nov 30

Greg, it's up to you

By Warren DeMontegue
The team is so low right now.  So many injuries, so much underachievement, so much misdirected hype.  Find your reasons for being an NBA player.  The league sucks and the players are dazzled by the contracts and hype.  Regular people cannot understand why millionaires cannot get motivated to play basketball at the highest of levels and produce blood and guts.  Ya' wonder?  I have fed my family for 20 years, self employed, grossing less and 50K per year.  Maybe I'm an idiot, but I go back out there everyday and make it happen.  Why can't you!  Somebody needs to get this team (league) back to the real world.  The Sports-Entertainment industry only exists as a showcase for individual artistic/athletic brilliance and every NBA player possesses an adequate supply of both.  What they all lack is the work ethic and awareness of day to day survival which keeps you fighting everyday.  Get the Pampers off and renew yourself with the vast potential that this life gives us all! 


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