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Nov 19

The Saga Of Why I Am No Longer A Blazer Fan

By hdallmon
This is the saga of why I am no longer a Blazer fan.......

First let me introduce you to the Blazers number one fan ( my mother). This woman has been a loyal fan to the extreme for 40 years, since day one. we are talking about a woman who for the last 40 years has been keeping stat logs for every game, and every season. Not by collecting stats from the internet or other sources, but by watching or listening to every game. She has 5x9 steno pads covering every season. At any given point she can produce on demand say the stats of game 2 regular season, Portland vs. Chicago 1982 players on both teams to include, rebounds, points, fouls, assists,three pointers, techs. When we moved to LaPine Or as a child I can remember her going out to the car ( the am radio in the house could not pick up the game) she would head to the car in several feet of snow, and sit in sub zero weather refusing to run the engine for heat because of the gas cost ( being a single mother and raising 4 kids) and return to the house frozen yet content with yet another Blazer win. I have had the pleasure and fortune to take my mother to a few games over the years. She was there during Blazer mania. Defended them during the jailblazer era. And continues at the age of 72 to be the upmost follower. She now resides in Ontario Oregon, a six hour drive from Portland, 10 for her, and after being stricken years ago with austeoperosis has very limited mobility. Last year the Blazers had a preseason 40th anniversary celebration at the memorial coliseum. I bought tickets and arrainged to take her as it was her anniversary a well. I tried desperately for months via email to the Blazers organization to get something special done for my mother, anything...... my emails met the same fates time and time again, it's not my department, we appreciate her loyalty but, sorry theres nothing we can do. We attended that game and she enjoyed herself very much. I however was somewhat disgruntled at the organizations lack of interest in such a loyal fan. Some months later I made a similar entry on Mike Barrets blog expressing my frustaration. Another true Blazer fan and very generous person offered mom tickets to the Nov. 9th game against Detroit. During this exchange of messages between myself and Vinnie Mike Barret got involved in the conversation and seemed truely interested in mom and her Blazer loyalty. Mike was generous enough to offer meeting him at the game and said he would make it a game she would never forget. Excited about this possibility I relayed everything to mom, I would have prefered to keep it a surprize however a trip to Portland takes mom alot of preperation in her condition, both mental and physical. So after weeks of anticipation, we headed to Portland for a three day trip and the game of her life. Once there we found that we could only get to the 100 level and had to walk down to the floor. So undetered a woman that cannot negotiate stairs struggled her way down almost to the floor level. I went to talk to Mike and was stopped by security. Leaving me to return to this woman and tell her she has to go back up ( I never want to see that look of pain and disappointment again). She watched the game while I spent most of the time working my way from one supervisor to the other trying to get a message to Mike and see if he could meet with her after the game. The top of this security chain stated that if Mike really had an interest in meeting mom he would have sent us a pass. To add insult to injury I ran into Jerome Kersey in the hall just outside of moms handicap seating area. Would he take a moment to say hello to her? Make her year with one simple word? ummmm. NO!

To sum up,
between the Blazers Management, the Commentators, and even Jerome, no one seems willing to show any kind of appreciation for a woman that has been a loyal follower to the extreme for 40 years. I am disgusted, and although mom holds strong in her loyalty, I for one am no longer a Blazer fan.


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