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Oct 28

Blazer-bashing commentators

By DeVinMzM
 Is it asking too much to want a radio station in the Portland area that is dedicated to holding reasonable discussions about the Blazers' strengths and weaknesses without character assassinations?  It seems to me that the Portland airwaves are full of angry, bitter, Blazer-bashing commentators. How about a daily radio show called "3 Mikes on Mic" featuring the likes of Michael Holton, Mike Rice, and Mike Barrett (all reasonable, reflective basketball experts) to compete with what is currently available? It would be a show to which reasonable people could listen and call without being subjected to commentators spewing ugliness, ignorance and hatred towards a group of upstanding young men who day after day work as hard as they can to provide entertainment to Blazers' fans and who donate time and money spreading goodwill throughout the region. There would still be strong disagreements and stimulating conversations about sports issues - that is the joy of a democratic society - but the hate-mongering would be gone. Lets have a "National Public Radio" model of sports commentating as opposed to a Fox News model - come to think of it, why doesn't OPB initiate such a show, bet they'd increase their donations?


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