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Oct 20

Hi everibody!!!

By urre14
Hi guys!! I am a spanish NBA fan, and i love the Blazers. Sorry, I haven´t  got a very good english, but I am learning to stand all of then. My favourite player is Rudy Fernandez, the 6 man of the Blazers. I love Rudy!!!
He is a very good three point shoother, but he can do amazing dunks. Now I´m start speaking about Blazers. This year, we have a very young team, like last years. I think that the most bad motion is to lost Travis Outlaw. I think that is a very good player. He can rebound, he can entered to the basket and he can shoot with good porcentage. In my city, San Sebastian, we love the basketball. We have a team in the ACB, the Lagun Aro GBC. In this team played two American players: Andy Panko and Jimmy Baron jr. The Lagun Aros´s objetive is to stay in the 1st division. I think that they can do. This year maybe I´m going to whatch this match: Lagun Aro GBC- Regal FC Barcelona. So maybe I can see one match of the best point-guard of the ACB: Ricky Rubio.


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