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Sep 15

Great guy.

By commontongue
As training camp nears, members of the Trail Blazers have returned to Portland in preparation for the 2010-11 season. Jeff Pendergraph, entering his second year in the NBA after four years at Arizona State, is one of many players who have found their way back to the practice facility. Casey Holdahl

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff one day. I train sales consultants for car dealerships, and i happen to be in the midst of one, when in comes JP. He had just bought a Nissan GTR. He was still on his crutches at the time, and i remember telling him, that we needed a savage PF to change the way teams came into the Garden. He said , and i quote, " thats what i do ". I believed him.  I got the feeling when i spoke to him that he was sincere. He gave me his autograph on one of my business cards, and i have it framed on my bureau. Thanks JP.


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