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Sep 07

Can The Blazers Beat The Lakers In A Playoff Series?

By FamousRoy Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge, JoelPrzybilla, Lakers, Blazers, GregOden, NicolasBatum, MarcusCamby, ronartest, kobe, martell, gasol, bynum
It's clear that if the Blazers want to win a championship anytime soon, they will eventually have to take down the Lakers in a playoff series.  Can they do it?

I certainly think it is possible because of our big front line of Camby, Oden, Przybilla and Aldridge.  They would be easily capable of shutting down Bynum, and they could at least slow down Gasol a little.  Plus, Wes Matthews and Batum are as good as anyone at slowing down Kobe.  Defensively, I think we're as good as any other team.

When the Lakers play team defense with intensity, the Blazers will have a hard time scoring.  Fortunately, the Lakers only do that when the game's on the line, and when it is they tend to foul.  We saw that when Kobe fouled Martell and we beat the Lakers without Brandon at Staples.  When the Lakers play their usual defense, Brandon will have no problem scoring on Ron Artest.  We saw it in the 2009 playoffs.  As for Aldridge and Gasol, I'm confident that LaMarcus can score on him.  Gasol will also be able to score on L.A, but the main battle will be rebounding.  Hopefully Camby and Oden can help LaMarcus out, because they're both better than Bynum.

I think the Blazers can beat the Lakers in a playoff series.  Unfortunately, I fear many of the games will come down to the final minute, and we all know Kobe's history of fourth quarters against the Blazers.  It'll take a little luck, but the Blazers have proven over and over the last few seasons that we can beat the Lakers. 


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