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Jun 29

in the balance

By Jake Williams
well i feel that the blazers next season rests in the hands of the big men G.O. and CAMBY the most ! it was what we LACKED after the g.o. / priz injury's yet we acquired CAMBY thank god ! but it was too late in the season. the only other weakness we had was the 3 we need Rudy who was my favorite player to be consistent from the 3 , he set a rookie record the year before ..... its not about min. its about the game and winning Rudy is the man and i hope the rumors of his playing time and him being unhappy were false. RUDY i challenge you to step up this next year and take your place as the clutch 3 man ! with our new additions i feel we have a great team although i would like to see what patty mills can do i mean really the guy has skillsĀ  ....... we have sooo much talent in the guard positions that we should be running a super fast/ fast break , full court press andĀ  have fresh guys in all the time we got the big men and just need the 3 men to step up ................. am i just crazy or does this make any since ?


  1. Welcome to the site! I would definitely like to see some pressure from our bench defensively. Bayless and Elliot Williams bombarding the opposing guards for 94 ft.would be fun to watch.

    by DHawes22 on 6/30/2010 9:44 AM
  2. Yeah, I agree Hawes. The one thing I have to say though is that after hearing the interview with Rudy where he says "i just want to be happy" I really don't think the rumors are false. I also think that is why they picked up Babbit. He's is probably already at the practice facility with the shooting coach. I am still looking forward to see what happens this coming week. Free Agency starts at 00:01 hours so keep an ear to the radio.

    by RipCityRevival on 6/30/2010 10:03 AM
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