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Jun 15

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By RipCityRevival
    Blazers fans, I am one of  you, but even I have had to start facing a harsh reality. We are small-town, in fact, we may be TOO small town for our own good. Although I don't agree it could work, my point of view has been slightly skewed by the recent post regarding a multi-player deal for LeBron James. Again, I still think this idea is a press member's stretch at getting people to read his stuff, but the discussion regarding it shows me how small-town we really are.
    I'm with you guys, in the past I have been caught red-handed for overvaluing our players because they are Blazers. I still do! I probably would make even half of that deal to get Kevin Durant. Batum for Durant? Probably not because Durant would take the ball out of Brandon's hands (or because I have a Portland fan crush on Batum's tenacious Defense). Again, I know where you are coming from and I know how you feel, but there does come a point where emotions may get in the way of us winning a championship. I'm not saying we need to sacrifice our morals and go after a guy like Kobe. I'm also not saying we need to make this LeBron deal happen,  but when the discussion of LeBron even comes up how can we as Blazer fans immediately say "NO! I LOVE (insert player here) TOO MUCH!" 
    A move like that would immediately make Portland the favorites in the Western Conference and by default the NBA Championships. Could you imagine trying to guard LeBron, Roy and Aldrige then having to out rebound LeBron Aldrige, and Camby/Prsybilla? Are you kidding me? He's made his share of stupid young guy mistakes, but nothing along the lines of JailBlazer material. As far as I know he was caught once for driving over 100 miles an hour. OK, that was stupid, but show me a 25 year old man that has never in his life topped 80 in his vehicle and I will show you someone with a low self confidence or someone who doesn't drive. Doesn't make it right, just human.
    We have to start accepting the fact that regardless, the NBA is a business. Sometimes players get traded, and I'm not saying now is the time to trade Batum, but it happens and we can't boycott every decision. If it makes the team better, it puts them in the position to win a championship, and it doesn't sacrifice the core values of the Trailblazers and Portland, then why should we get so down on the idea? It's that time of year, and if the Blazers feel they will get more in return than what you have to offer you might want to keep a bag packed and sitting in your closet. Fans, you may want to start accepting the idea that someone from this beloved Blazers squad may not return to the Garden in a Blazers' uniform next season. Who will it be? I'm not sure of, but when it comes to offseason trade talks, can we be a little less "small-town" and a little more realistic? If you're an NBA team and have the opportunity to trade three unfinished projects for a player being compared to Magic Johnson and Micheal Jordan, that's an intriguing offer. If you don't like the idea due to basketball reasons, that's another story, but to say "no" simply because you have a one-sided love affair with a player just seems, well Small-Town. Keep Portland Weird, but not Ringless, please.
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