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Jun 11

The Deep Reality

By RipCityRevival

    I have to say, I am a little upset with a lot of the local media as of late. It isn't just sports media, but the media in general. Before the playoffs even started they were asking if KP had done enough to put this team over the top. In fact, they started before the season even started by asking if the changes he had made were enough to help the team improve. Throughout the season and post season this message is heard over the radio waves. The media is the voice of the community to these executives and the idea that has been portrayed is that not enough has been done in the organization. It is no surprise to me that what (allegedly) is happening in the organization appears to be coming true. As I said earlier, it is not just the sports related media.
    I'm only going to touch on this quickly because it isn't Blazers related, but it does relate to the topic. The local media demonized the local police in regards to some unfortunate decissions regarding Officer Involved Shootings. These officers are thoroughly trained in these situations and for anyone outside of Law Enforcement to judge their decisions in the heat of the moment is absolutely wrong. The negative press grew and grew because ratings continued to grow. Ignorant "Black Marchers" flooded the streets of Portland causing thousands of dollars in damage to local businesses and blocking major roadways during high traffic times. The police are forced to adjust how they manage situations in order to cut back on the negative press and an Officer gets shot as a result before taking down the assailant. This all happened because the media decided ratings were more important than regard for Human Life and the necessity for law and order. They demonized the same people that keep them from being assaulted by stalkers, burglarized, and robbed. Now they give press to a coffee shop that refused to serve an officer coffee because it is a coffee shop for anarchists. That shop then doubled their business the following day. Can we please grow up? Yes, there are idiots in Law Enforcement, but that is not even close to the majority. Yes they have to make some unfortunate decisions due to the nature of their job, but if they didn't we would all live in a much more dangerous world. Please Portland, I beg you, avoid ignorance. Stay weird, but avoid ignorance.
    Coming back to the Blazers. Now that the organization has placed a question on KP, the sports media has changed their story. How come they have to push a topic to the point their target actually gets placed in the crosshairs before they change their tone? Not all local media representatives are guilty of this, but enough have been to make a difference. Can we, as those who rely on the media for NEWS actually get a true story? We want the truth, not a partial truth with speculated details. We want the facts and the ability to react based on our own emotions and not the emotions the media projects upon us. Is truth really too much to ask for? We listen and watch to find out what is new in the world around us so that we can make decisions in our own lives based off the knowledge we have. How can we be expected to make good decisions when we only know partial truths combined with uneducated and unfounded speculation. 
    I like what has happened with the Blazers since KP has been GM. Blazers management as a team has done a great job since then whoever is to recieve credit for that should get their due credit. If KP really is to give credit then I am confused as to the situation, and feel there must have been some other problem within the organization. If KP sat back and rode the wave, took all the credit, and soaked up the money for the work his scouts, Coach Nate, and Mr. Allen did then decisions need to be made. I'm not in that office, I'm not in the war rooms, I don't know. Neither do the members of the media that are openly talking about it. So, to all media representatives in the local market can we please recieve whole truths? Can we please recieve true controversy instead of percieved controversy? Is it too much to ask to only have us stress about that which real and not that which could be? There are plenty of stories out there everyday, but so many of them get missed due to lazy journalism. Tell me Portland, do you agree with me on this?


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