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May 06

One of Those Seasons

By RipCityRevival
I kept waiting for that run. I kept waiting for a reason to really have something to say. Not to say I wasn't happy with the season, no it was a great season, but it was a quiet great. It was sort of like Camby scoring 30 against the Thunder. For those of you who watched it on TV I hear it was much more obvious, but from the stands it was a surprise when you look at the stat board and you saw 30 pts by Camby's number. You then had to go back through your head and recall every basket he made off a tip in to really believe that it wasn't a typo. This season was a lot like that. 50 wins? When did that happen? How did that happen? Yeah, I guess it did! Needless to say, it was difficult to find something to blog about. Now, we can look forward to the off season and to next season.

Since I think everyone is afraid to say this, I don't see Bayless or Rudy being in a Blazer uniform next season. I also see Joel playing the part of Raef LeFrentz on the sideline. Who knows how his knee will be for the future? I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure what they would get for them, but for some reason the same sense that told me last season that Frye would land in Phoenix is telling me that Rudy and/or Bayless will be playing in a Knicks uniform. I think you also might see Cunningham or Pendergraph involved in order to make the deal work (although as you can see by my scrapbook, I hope not). I hope Kevin Pritchard remains the GM and I hope Paul Allen doesn't over think this offseason. Keep your poker face Mr. Allen, it's been good to you.

Many of you will think I am crazy for putting Mills as my second PG, but even I said that same thing about Bayless last offseason. If Mills can grow the way Bayless did in one summer then he will be twice the player Bayless is. Koponen is a package piece, Freeland is a package piece, Claver might have a chance although his position is pretty stacked here in Portland. I'm not sure where he would fit in.

I keep hearing something on the radio that really bothers me in reference to LaMarcus Aldridge. I keep hearing everyone say we need to forget about the "power" in "power forward" with him and that he just isn't that kind of player. I have to call BS on this. You play the game to WIN. You use your advantages against the opposing players and you do what it takes to win. That simple. If Andre Miller can play in the post, so can LaMarcus. Don't give him any more excuses. Outlaw, I can maybe understand that because he was scrawny, but not LaMarcus. Yes, he is a forward, a tall and strong forward. Do what it takes to win, not what feels easy. You are 6'11" with crazy long arms, you run and jump like a freaking gazelle, and you've shredded your arms over the last two summers. Push some people around and do what it takes to win games.

This is not going to be a great draft class so I don't see any need to get more picks. I think any moves Portland makes this offseason should shed picks and a few players, to pick up one or two pieces that will solidify this team. Incase you haven't seen my Scrapbook, my team is as follows:

RAMBO Offense

Next In:
(No cool acronym due to a lack of vowels)

Filling out the Bench:
Juwan Howard
Joel Przybilla

I think that is our team going into camp. Mills, Webster, and/or Cunningham may be replaced by an incoming player depending on which position that player fits. No more drafting unless it is for another team. This is my point of view and how I see things starting to shake out through the summer.


  1. With most prospects entering the draft to get in before the new CBA, its a pretty deep class. Its not filled with a lot of star power outside of the top 2 picks, but a gem or two could be found in the later picks.

    by DHawes22 on 5/10/2010 12:18 PM
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