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Apr 26

Game 5 In Phoenix

By I''m OUT!
You can't tell me that the refs had nothing to do with this

game, or the series. They miss everything Amar'e had done but

when anyone retaliated only they were called for a T! Oh but

today since it was not him there was finally a double T, but

it's a little late. Today in game 5 it was the refs all the

way. Every touch foul was called on us, none on them. There

was absolutely no hesitation calling fouls on us, sometimes

it even seems liked they anticipated calling it, but when

they fouled us they stopped and thought about it first before blowing the whistle, "Gee I guess that

was a foul. I should call that one."

It all started when they

called Andre Miller for an illegal d when we were up like 12,

but he was STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIS MAN! He even pointed at

him and said "He's right here!!" It seems an awful lot of

calls blatantly were messed up in their favor. Actually, as

far back as I can remember this seems to be the case since

I've been watching the Blazers. I remember listening to a

caller on the radio get mad today that we weren't being more

physical and I thought, doesn't this guy know we'd get called

for everything? (Why do i fear the refs even before a game

has started by the way?) Well we weren't even "more" physical

today and yet we got called for everything! That 4th foul on

Camby was absolutely ridiculous. Not only is this the

Playoffs, but Grant Hill ran into him!!! Camby tried to slide

by and got called for the foul. Camby also hardly ever gets

in foul trouble. But of course in a pivotal game 5 he all of

a sudden gets 4 of the quickest fouls I've seen. Oh wait,

Brandon had the quickest. Or was it Juwan? Of course the Suns

have the League's best defense so they did not commit any

fouls on us when we were driving into the lane. Roy never got one call, Miller hardly got any. If either one were Durant you can be sure they would have gotten a bunch more.

And then there is David Stern, the head of the Gestapo trying

to keep everyone's mouth shut about how terrible his

officials are. I gotta say, the NBA has absolutely THEE worst

officials in all of pro sports! I want to know, why the hell

he makes it public who he is fining for speaking "bad" about

refs, but the refs don't get disciplined or reprimanded in

public? And I sure would like to know how in the hell Joey Crawford is even a ref after doing some of the most obvious worst and baffling calls ever?! Like the time he called two techs on Tim Duncan when he was just sitting on the bench and ejected him. Also it's not like it's malicious talk to disagree

with a ref, obviously they are not perfect. I think he is so

damn arrogant he thinks this is the way to win back people's

trust or people won't notice after what Donaghy admitted to

and claims others do. He is also extremely biased and has

admitted his dream finals would always be Lakers and Celtics.

I wish some real 3rd party would investigate this garbage. I can still remember 2 examples even from our last game

against the Thunder. Durant does the under and up the defenders arm move to draw a foul. Then 2 plays later Juwan

does the SAME EXACT THING and no call! Even the first play of the game Lamarcus was fouled, no call, very next play Durant misses, foul on Batum.

I watched game 4 of the Spurs and Mavs yesterday. Great game, close and the calls were fair. WHY CAN' WE GET THAT!!!!! I'm so pissed off and frustrated at the NBA!!!! Something must be done.


  1. I don't know how the formatting got so erratic!

    by I''m OUT! on 4/27/2010 12:50 AM
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