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Apr 23

Game 3: Post-Game Reflection

By BR7_Fan Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge, Blazers, RudyFernandez
I know fans are upset and we've been on the worst kind of emotional roller coaster this season but right now I think were just wanting to blame someone for the lackluster play and overall effort and emotion I think we just need to step back and take a deep breath. The reason we got into the playoffs is because we played as a team, as one unit. I don't think its fair now to single people out and tell them we don't want you here anymore I think its pretty selfish as fans. (if Roy was playing this bad, would you be saying the same thing?) I will admit that I was frustrated by LMA and Rudy's play as of late and while the game was going on let my emotions get the best of me. After the game was over and I had time to reflect we should be proud of what these guys did had to endure through the regular season once Joel and Roy went down with injuries we could of packed it up and trashed the season, but we didn't. For everything that has happened, this should all be considered gravy: the 51 wins, the playoffs; perhaps the injury bug has finally caught up with us and will be too much to overcome playoff basketball. I will say that play needs to be stepped up, man up to your mistakes, and come fired up. I'm calling the whole team out, show us that team that got us here.


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