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Apr 22

hey there questioning r pride sayin we suck

By paleface1 Posted in: BrandonRoy, Lakers, Suns, AndreMiller
its time roy its time to suit up and say i aint waiten for next season we might not even b in the playoffs next season what if we miss them by 1 game will u not b wishing then like we all r now that u said screw it and gave all u had now just to see if we can win it now the lakers dont want us they havin enough trouble with durant these suns dont want u out there thats how we won the first game thay were in shock u werent there now they think were a joke so take your time but dont take to long ask andre he been in the playoffs a bunch never out first round took mcgrady years whers iverson did barkley ever win one how long u gonna wait till its to late?
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