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Apr 19

Game 1 Jitters...

By ooo00ice00ooo
Well game 1 came and is now gone.
I as well as many Blazers fans did not know what to expect, especially without Brandon Roy.
But, I do know all Blazers fans, Suns fans, as well as other NBA fans thought that the Suns were going to run all over Portland.
No matter how much of a die hard fan you are of the Blazers, whether you admit it or not, im sure you were in fear of losing the game.
Before the game started, many thoughts went through my mind:
What if Roy didn't injur himself....?
What if Oden's year could have not turned out like all his years in the NBA...?
What if we had signed so and so during the trade deadline...?
What if we had picked Durant at 1 instead...?
Even.....Man we need new jersey's !

But, we Won (of course we still need new uniforms) !!!!!
I must say that it was the best game from all the series' so far.
No 17 point lead
No "I think I'll change the channel and try back later to see if the game is closer"
No I should just TIVO this and watch it after the kids fall asleep.

I was glued to the television. But I will say this... there were times in the game where i wished Roy was on the court. But as all teams do, they got together and made sure they play ball and enjoy themselves. You could see through the whole game that theree was no fear of losing, instead they were laying with no chip ontheir shoulders and enjoying themselves. Even when they fell back at times, they fought with much confidence and got off some really good shots.
Andre Miller may have played the best game of his career last night and did it with alot of confidence in his teamamtes (something Durant didn't have yesterday).
Camby came up very big, rebounding the crap out of the ball (except for that simple-ass dunk he missed lol).
Aldridge stuck to his usual form.
Rudy doesn't seem like the same Rudy we know from last year.
Batum highligthed the evening with some remarkable plays.
And everyone else did what they are supposed to.

Wow those last 3 minutes of the game were very intense. I screamed and yelled so loud that I had a screaming wife come bolting out of the bedroom and scold me like one of our 2 children (a 1 yr old and 3 yr old). All I was trying to do was watch a game. But what does she know.
Her playofs take place when the children are asleep and the can of Mr Clean comes out.

Just a thought.... Doesn't Andre Miller look like Ross from the hot show Friends, or is it just me?

Well we won game 1, but no matter how much I am a Blazers fan, I still know that we cant win in it all this year.
But then again thats a whole different topic.

Blazers fans enjoy the victory, and expect the next game to be even wilder.
I think the Blazers can pull off a victory in this round, but there arent enough hospitals to last us through 3 more rounds.

If Roy and Oden were around Im sure we wouldnt be the underdogs.

Game 2 we await you with excitement.


  1. I think more fans than you think thought the Blazers were going to win not only this game but the series! Check out the poll on the message boards for series predictions.
    Go Blazers!

    by DHawes22 on 4/19/2010 1:24 PM
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