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Apr 14

Blazer's better off without Roy this year

By jimmyjames

As a Blazer fan, I watch the games pretty closely.  Brandon Roy was losing close games for the team at the end.  It was very frustrating to see him walk the ball up the half court pedestrian style when they needed to score quickly down by five  points with a minute left in the game.  Then he would dribble until the clock hit eight seconds and try to force the ball down the middle for an implssible shot or an attempt to get a foul.  In addition, the opposing team knew this and they would have a zone defense and collapse with 2 to 3 players when the shot clock went to 10 seconds.  Roy would not even bother using his teammates or look their direction. 

If one looks at the stats for the last game, you can see that everybody had multiple assists.  They are a better team without him this year and I expect them to compete for the western conference championship if Roy stays on the bench.

You can hear Camby calling out the other teams offensive plays on the court.  McMillan should realize that the other team knew that Roy was going myopic and could collapse with 2 to 3 defenders and make portland turn the ball over or have a poor shot selction.



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