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Apr 03

Playoff Hopes

By Chapshow
In this my first and possibly only post of this season, I will briefly submit my opinions on this season.
Firstly Coach M should be considered in the top 2 for coach of the year for obvious reasons.  This is completely unbiased since I am not personally convinced Nate is the coach that can lead this team to the next level.  He is very competent and hard working, but Im not sure he has that extra intangible tool that very few coaches possess.  The ability to get the chemistry just right to make a team a contender.  He might get it, or might already possess it.  I just have'nt seen it consistently shown in big games.  It's the "buy in" ability.  We saw how it took Andre a bit to buy in and it worries me that it took him that long.  
  Secondly, it's great to see the Blazers playing up to their ability finally.   Injuries shminjuries, just get it done.  Looks like they are...except for...   That Denver game.  Perfect example of this coaching worry.  What happened in one of the biggest games of the season?  Brandon was shut down.  LA was befuddled.  If these guys can't listen to the coaches instructions, we won't go very far.   I have heard him time and again talk about our execution or lack thereof.  He might just have a near impossible job.  And it could be the way he is doing it.    Anyway, going in we should gain some valuable playoff experience this year, maybe six games in a first round loss, or 12 games total  if we get to the second round.  Either way, tremendous opportunity to take some positive steps.  Look at Butler, you never know.
  Lastly, I know everyone is saying we made a mistake in taking Greg Oden.  Okay so blame the doctors who gave Greg a clean bill of health and said his potential is worth the risk.  Don't blame management for trusting the professionals they hired to evaluate him.  Greg showed that he has the ability to dominate when he is healthy.  And for gods sake don't blame Greg for not being healthy.  All things being equal, AT THE TIME of the draft, a healthy Greg Oden was the right choice.  NO ONE really knew this skinny kid would dominate the way he has.  People STILL say he is too skinny. 


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