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Mar 16

Tonight we take on Memphis. Last year we played them the first of December... it was the game where Travis hit the buzzer beater and triggered the 13 game winning streak. We need this game to be similar. We need to come of here with a win to spark us. Less than a month of the season left so this is the time you want to get your momentum rolling.

Tonight's game should be interesting as Rudy Gay vs Batum is a good match-up, and can Joel cool down Marc Gasol. The point guard match-ups really don't concern me. Blake should get the better of that match-up vs Conely. I really think this could be a game that Brandon and LaMarcus combine for 55+ or more. The big key, as it has been all year, who is the third scorer. Will Outlaw have another solid game (vs ATL wasn't a good outing), will it be Rudy fresh off his first game after being mugged by Trevor Ariza, or will Batum continue his solid play? We'll see, tip-off at 5pm.
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