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Mar 26

belivie Me know

By sams1297
    I keep saying and i think know people will belivie me the blazers can end up in 6th place.But some people need to slow down they will not get to 4 or 5 they defintely wont get home court advntage.Unlesss... I think we saw who we want in the first round last night. It only takes one win in the other teams arena to grab home court.(Remember last year.) The great part about Dallas being a first round match up is last year at this time the LAST team we wanted was dallas Remember..
    We match up good with dallas our bigs can dominate and i really think haywood and Butler know the system it will not be much aprovement between know mid april.And o yea we will see dallas beacuse they will drop to three and we will Rise to six..........RIP CITY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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