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Mar 23

Introduction to NBA : NBA Jersey Culture

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Saying is one thing and doing another.

According to the quality of the clothing from low to high, NBA shirts are mainly Replica, Swingman and Authentic. Top 10 Staples for Mother's Day RBK Replica,we commonly call offset printing. The Trend Bible to wedding grown Alternatives Rubber iron player's number was printed by Rubber iron. Below NBA's Logo there is a RBK logo.The size expresses by S M L XL. This uniform only has one size label, whose shape is similar to the training uniform and is sold at 45 dollars in the United States specialty stores.10 Most Superior Picks: ugg boots.

Replica is very easy to identify. Great! Impeccable links of london charms Are on Exhibition Last Week! Its meshes are very close and it feels smooth. How to Design Your Noble ugg  in Daily Life Apart from few styles, replica has a basic design of wide shoulders. But there're still a little differences with other basketball uniforms in some specticular details. Besides, its NBA icon has a white edge. Nike Swingman and Reebok Swingman, often can be seen in retail stores of franchise house. Their selling price are 75 dollars in America. The materials of this kind of jersey are all mesh.The number and the player name are all embroidered,but one layer only.The color division layer is painted by paint. It also has only one size label with S, M, L, and XL representing the size. And there's a mark of LENGTH+2 under the size number.

What should be noticed is that the main character of RBK Swingman is long back swin. It is a little longer than that of Nike Swingman and with a better design. RBK Swingman is the newest model in the last sports competition season, in other words, it is the pattern after the buying out of RBK, therefore, Nike Swingman will not be updated with the updating of players. If you see someone wear a Tracy Mcgrady Rockets Nike Swingman, even the Swingman produced by winner (Champion), don’t believed it, because it must be fake.

In addition, Swingman origins are in Honduras and Korea (Salvador and Honduras are same to each other), and both are no different in essence. But if putting the two same styles but different origins together under the sunshine, you will find that jerseys of Honduras are coated a layer of silver color in monogram.

The earliest version of the Nike Swingman is not with LENGTH +2 identity, and the following identity is divided into two kinds of vintage and non-retro. But retro and non-retro here are not traditional Retro and Hardwood Classic. They refer that Nike slightly amends the current jersey styles into toady’s NBA jerseys. Moreover, this new style will not appear on the playground. Being the same retro styles, some differences will be found if you look at the sizes labels carefully. Champion has also produced Swingman, but unexpectedly the same kind of its brand emgered in the market after RBK had bought the manufacturing right of NBA basketball uniform. Till now, this kind is only sold in european areas and its workmanship is just so so. In addition, Swingman and Replica jerseys have both child version, and the XL model of child version is equivalent to the S model of adult version, and it is also relatively inexpensive.

The highest grade of NBA jerseys is no other than Nike Authentic and RBK Authentic, that is player version we usually refer to. The cloth fabric of each team’s jersey is different, but it’s the same with the clothes the players wearing. All the players’ names and numbers are embroidered fonts and different colors on different fabrics layered embroidery, have the feeling of layered. In addition, the size are shown by the figures such as 36,40,44 and 48 and others. Nike Authentic has two size labels which are different. RBK Authentic is only one label, usually 36 and S, 40 and M, 44 and L, 48 and XL are one-one correspondence. Nike Authentic and RBK Authentic are different between early size and later size.


  1. I find it funny that Adidas totally ripped off the 'Swingman' name from Nike when they lost their NBA contact.

    by BR7_Fan on 3/24/2010 2:20 PM
  2. Makes sense want to keep that name-brand recognition high in the consumer's minds and not confuse them by introducing a new name for the same product.

    by ClydeFrog on 3/29/2010 12:02 PM
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