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Mar 21

I'm done with Bayless

By sams1297
Listen Blazer fans i've wanted to say all season and here it is. Those of you who think bayless is a asset to this team are Wrong. hYes he had a few good games but his bad have way out weighed the good and tonight he is proving it. When we made our trade i was really hoping that blake was staying and bayless would end up in the d leauge.Bayles can driuve not usally make but occasionaly draws a foul . His jump shot sucks. And he is a selfish ego tistical player. My vote bring in patty and send bayless to idaho.

I really hope this season he atempts a hold out and is traded and we sign a free agent by thed name of steve blake. i love my blazers buit not #4. Coach sit him please


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