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Mar 21

Seventh or sixth playoff spot (possibly)

By Priderox Posted in: playoffs

The game tonight (@ Phoenix) will be a big game for the playoff race. The Spurs still remain only .5 games ahead of us, and the Suns are only .5 games ahead of them. The Spurs play @ Atlanta tonight, with Atlanta being favored by 4. The blazers might not be favored, but if they win, and the Spurs win the Blazers are still down by .5. If they Blazers win , and the Spurs loose the Blazers are tied with them. If the Blazers win then the Spurs are automatically in front of Phoenix. Here is what the playoffs are looking like from both sides:
Western Conference
1. LA Lakers
2. Denver Nuggets
3.Dallas Mavericks
4.Utah Jazz
5.Okla. City Thunder
6. Phoenix Suns
7. San Antonio Spurs

    Eastern Conference
1.Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Orlando Magic
3.Boston Celtics
4.Atlanta Hawks
5.Milwauke Bucks
6.Miami Heat
7.Charlotte Bobcats
8.Toronto Raptors



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