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Mar 13

Bright Future in Rainy Portland

By expatriateblazerfan Posted in: Bulls, Knicks, Blazers, offseason, MarcusCamby, salary, capspace
Injury plagued, too young, inexperienced, The Portland Jailblazers- all are names that have been given to the Portland Trailblazers over the past decade. And for a while, these were true, and it was reflected on the court especially in 2005-06 when the team's record was 21-61. But after a few years of hard work and policy and management change, the Blazers were able to make a turn around and reach over 50 wins last season. But we are not in the clear yet. This season we've seen players hit the floor in pain and have suffered with them, or we've heard of the injuries (I imagine showering as a 7 foot person can be tricky). Ranked last in the NBA in team value according to Forbes.com the team is worth $253 million dollars and is losing money. But there are a few things in the Rose City that make the future look bright. The fans in Portland are loyal, as displayed at game attendances, pre-season games, team rallies, and sites like these. They will be here as the team continues on the path to championship contention. We have an Owner who is also a fan, (a rare commodity) and he has demonstrated his loyalty to the team. And now we are at the point where we have the right pieces at the right time, a very difficult thing to achieve in professional sports. We have a team with a future and a winning ability; we have the space on the budget to add another superstar. Right now we have the lowest team salary in the NBA at just under $56 million. Opinions on the Blake and Outlaw trade aside, losing their contracts freed up a lot of space on the books. Combined with Marcus Camby's expiring contract and finally being free of Darius Miles, next year the Trailblazers are committed to paying out $41,707,128 in salary according to hoopshype.com. Even though this figure isn't as low as New York or Chicago's next year, we have the added incentive of an already good team to play with. This is a team that is one piece away from surprising people and running away with it all, and that is an attractive thing to offer a superstar that wants to win. Next year, mostly sunny with a chance of championship.


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