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Mar 10


By Thrasher1414
Seriously getting rid of Outlaw and Blake may have been smart for this season but we were doing decent without them. Blake was a great player and a consistent assest to Portland it was hard to watch him go. But Travis was a tremendous player is in the past 2 seasons before his injury had really blossomed and was contributing in a great way to our team there is now way we should have traded him he was a blazer from the beginning and he belongs here. If portland trys to do anything in the offseason it needs to be to get Outlaw back cause i gaurntee eve though he is being under appreciated by the clippers next season someone will realize what Portland let go of and it will come bakc to bite us in the face. If we could get blake back to that would be amazing cause i think his style played oppisite of Millers is the perfect combintation of point guards. One last thing I love Oden dont get me wrong i think he will be great but does anyone but me feel like it was a Jordan draft all over again Portland pull a 1st pick takes a center who lasts a year or two over Micheal Jordan and now Portland pulls a 1st pic again and picks a center who hasn't played a full season yet when they could have picked Kevin Durant 2nd highest points per game in the league. I don't know could just be me i guess and some people will probably hate me for that last comment its just how i see it.

I love the Portland Trailblazers, wish i was back in Oregon to watch all there games. I hate bein so close to LA.



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