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Mar 02

The Blazers are trying to make a statement saying they are not going to just settle with the # 8 seed in the western conference. While going 4-1 on a 5 game road trip  the blazers still have to prove to them self's and others that just because the did play some of the lower level teams in the league, that they are for real and need to put together a few more good games as they do play Denver 2 more times and Dallas 2 more times and
another against the Lakers.  These are the teams that will put us to the test and that need to be won. We need to go out and win  the games that we should win and win these few games left against these Western conference teams that are ahead of us, as they do not show any sign of slowing down so in order to make moves on them we need to beat them. The end of this month will be the place where we can make some ground as we play  Phoenix, Dallas, Hornets, and Oklahoma all within a weeks span. 
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