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Mar 01

Dear Portland, and oh yeah you too Mr. Pritchard....

By antice1978
Ok for all you real fans, now that we have traded away Outlaw, and for some of you that dont know basketball you got your wish....Rudy...Martell...and Batum. First off I love Batum, plays both sides of ball and rebounds...Scottie for the other two, I would trade both of them for Travis back, Rudy will never amount to the hope of what you wanna be Portland fans want, that's why he wants to leave....and Martell is soooo streaky that he is only as good as his last shot. Yeah so what if Travis and Roy are best friends..AND?? what more do you need Portland, its better than the Kobe Shaq frienship.
      I'm born and raised here, and have been watching Portland for 28 years, I've seen'em come and I've seen'em go. I think a lot of you so called fans are not from here..AT ALL!!,,,sometime Portland you should go play a pick up game with some grade A comp, not at the Y, against some old ass doctor and his sorry ass lawyer buddies...maybe then will you appreciate a player like Outlaw who can come into the game ice cold and just change the whole outcome. We should have just kept our boys and chalked it up. We still would make at least 8th seed or even 7th, we would have had to play the Lakers or Nuggets, either team would have whooped our ass anyways, and that is a true fan speaking, I know when my team is ready for the likes of those two, and in the playoffs we are not!.....hence the last ditch effort for M.Camby....even Pritchard knows we might get swept....Roy is unhealthy, we don't have a TRUE BIG...Camby is soft...we need a banger in the middle not a tip man...and who is gonna  take on Kobe or Mello??? Batum needs help that's where Outlaw comes in, Martell cant do it and Rudy sure in the hell cant, those two are too big, quick and strong, Rudy has the quick but lacks the other two attributes.
           So I say to you Mr.Pritchard, since you really runs the show not Nate we all see it, get Travis back...oh what!!? three time all-star, and rookie of the year, not to mention franchise player can't have who he wants on HIS TEAM, give him Trav back, make us all happy....the ones that know you traded away a huge weapon in our arsenal. Trade  Rudy, Webster and someone else and go get Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Tyson Chandler, Manu Ginobili, Richard Jefferson, Joe Johnson, Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Redd, all free agents anyone that can help us have a BIG 3 cause we are gonna need it to even come close to a Western Conference Championship.
    So Portland I leave you, and Mr.Pritchard with something my grandpa would always say about when you tamper with things too much... "When something ain't broke don't try to fix it, and if something needs fixing is was never worth anything anyways".


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