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Feb 24

Camby down

By rimckay2 Posted in: Blazers
What is the deal with our center spot....is it cursed....for the 3rd time this year another one of our centers is down. This is getting to be just frustrating dealing with these injuries and listening to everyone talk of how the Blazers are weak and fragile. We need to ignore what everyone is saying and go out and play to win and not drop 4th Qtr leads and win some games to try and move up in the standings to get a better position in this race. nice to see Lamarcus show up last night, it's funny to see Roy come off an injury and be the leading scorer again when he's not even 100%.
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  1. For sure. At some point players won't want to come to Portland for fear of the Portland Calamity Vortex.

    by broctune on 2/24/2010 1:38 PM
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