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Feb 23

Blazer fans know the Blazers are down and some how keep blowing leads like Powder in the wind, but we also realize that in order for them to show they are still in the race they need to go out and make a sweep of this road trip and make a serious push towards the playoffs. I feel if we do not sweep this road trip that we will be bumped out of the playoffs by the end of the season. Lamarcus needs to step up and play a full game as he gets going in the first Qtr but then slowly diminishes by the end of the game. Bayless needs to relize he is playing for a team and in order for us to win the whole team needs to play together and not just go out and try to get his. I say play Patty Mills in place of Bayless and lets see what this Guy actually has to offer against other team for meaningful minutes and not just at the end of the game against the other teams 3rd string bench players. This Guy could be our new back up instead of Bayless or even let the two fight it out for back up, who ever is playing better gets to play that game.
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  1. Bayless really isn't shooting the ball hardly at all right now due to his slump. He has only taken 12 shots over the course of his last 3 games. On average, he is getting 15 mins and taking 4 shots, not bad for a guy who is a scorer. Also, he is getting to the line, 17 times in 3 games. Really, the entire team is in a slump, so no need to call out JB.

    Also, we can go 3-2 and still be in the playoff chase. Really, when was the last time a Blazer team swept a 5 game road trip? Taking a quick peak inside the Media Guide shows the last time we swept a road trip of 5+ games was a 6 game road trip back in 90-91.

    by DHawes22 on 2/23/2010 10:51 AM
  2. Down but not out? Well I was a little nervous there in the 4th quarter tonight against NJ, but we came through. So yes down but not out. We do need to get 3 wins on this road trip to establish some momentum.

    by Napoleon7 on 2/23/2010 9:18 PM
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