Jan 10

I have to reckognise the fact that I seem to be addicted to Milk Shakes. The first step is acknowledging/admitting the vice, right?  The worst part of my addiction is, not weight gain or dental issues nor any other physical symptoms but I do seem to be abusing my blender(s). Going thru these things like  changing my underware.  I give up. Not going to buy anymore blenders.I have to develop another method in making these damn things. The best decision would be to just quit consuming them, but I'm not quite ready to give them up just yet. Maybe I should just cut back, try to get down to 2 a day or so.


  1. Why not just buy a milk shake mixer?

    by DHawes22 on 1/11/2010 12:36 PM
  2. Move onto smoothies... healthier if you put fruit in them.

    by Dan Harbison on 1/11/2010 1:39 PM
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