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Jan 08

Miller Should Go

By chrisnold22 Posted in: Blazers, AndreMiller

Haven't seen this type of headline since the Jail Blazers were in full effect. But this is just a bump in the road. Let's start off with why in the world did Miller have Bayless make that second free throw.  I know the argument that Roy should have had the rebound with 4 seconds left but the only thing that would have lead to be a half court heave.  That being said I think Miller in a very coy way is trying to get traded.  Trying to get under Nate's skin.  There have been games this year that I have watched Miller freeze Brandon out of plays for minutes at a time.  This usually happens when a guard is sitting at the table waiting to come into the game. He will also start shooting the ball then too.  Now Miller is a solid point guard but I don't think he can play in the fourth quarter because he can't shoot and he doesn’t play great D. I know I know the people will point the games where he had a bunch of steals or they will point to career stats. But he is no faster than Blake and he doesn't shoot the ball as well as Blake.  It’s hard to want to keep a guy that can't shoot.  Even Jason Kidd learned how to shoot a set shot. I agree with most of the talk about the offense I would love to seem them speed it up a little bit and add some more movement. With that being said we should trade Andre Miller for anything.  The only reason he is here is Pritchard panicked in the off-season when all the attempted signees jumped ship.  If we could get a Foster from Indy or Haywood from Washington those guys would help us in the middle where we need help just to compete for the rest of the year.  We need Miller out for a body with 6 fouls and that is seven foot.


  1. I disagree.
    First, why miss a free throw when we were getting out-rebounded on the foul line all night long. I counted two times Zach beat LMA for tip ins off of free throw misses. Bottom line is rebounding is not our strength, so the chances of missing and getting the rebound were slim to none and slim just left town.
    Second, why does everyone want Dre gone? We FINALLY have a legit starting PG and it seems everyone wants to run him out of town. From my vantage point, he and Roy are playing very well together.

    by DHawes22 on 1/8/2010 11:40 AM
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