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Jan 05

about Brandon and game pace.

By tlappier Posted in: Clippers, BrandonRoy
Brandon Roy can shoot, defend, set plays, power his way to the hole, and do about anything all-stars can do. The one thing i see that he cant do yet is push game pace. The Blazers are the slowest team (tempo) in the NBA. I unserstand that you want to slow down sometimes to chage tempo to your favor, but i dont think i have ever seen B-Roy Try to change the pace by speeding up. Other teams are figuring roy, coach nate, and the Blazers out. the blazers really need to try to swich tempo to throw off teams that are ready to attack Roy with the double team like the clippers id last night.


  1. Roy is simply more comfortable in a slower pace. I have no problem with that, but I would like to see us get the ball across the halfcourt line quicker, so we have more time to run the offense.

    by DHawes22 on 1/5/2010 5:35 PM
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