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Jan 04

Patty Mills Are You Serious???

By Revfisk I've not posted in half an age, but I'm still watching, and not to take one smidgeon away from the way our team keeps rolling...but the little blurb dropped on the main page today about PMilly only getting to play two games in Idaho is FAN-friggin-HI-larious-tastic.  Check it:

Two games: 30 points off the bench in 34 minutes.  7.5 assists, 11/15 from 3.  

Why has this guy not seen the court yet?

I know, I know.  It's the D-League.  And we got that whole Miller/Blake/Bayless thing going on.  But...ah...leading all players in your first pro-game with 38 points and 12 assists off the bench, including a tip-in bucket to win the game with 1.2 secs left?  I think I found a new favorite baller.  Please, Mike Barrett, talk about this kid!


  1. Can't wait to see Patty on the court! That's for sure.

    He's actually averaging 30ppg. Had 38 points and 22 points in his two games....

    Main reasons he hasn't seen time:

    1) Lots of guards. That's the only place we haven't been hurt too badly by injury.

    2) He was down in the D-League to get back into playing shape. He graduated college, got drafted and then immediately was shelved. So that's almost 9 months since he's played in a game. D-League or not, I remember some of our other rookies getting sent down and they didn't pull out those numbers, Martell, Josh McRoberts, etc.

    by Dan Harbison on 1/4/2010 10:18 AM
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