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Dec 15

My Christmas Birthday - No I do not accept dual gifts :)

By Melissa Posted in: Blazers, Melissa, Ione, Tina, amy

My Birthday was December 12th so I invited over my friends including some familiar dancers you may recognize from current or past years to help me celebrate. It was a great birthday with Holiday attire required for the guest. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Please keep following me on my blog as I take adventures in my Ford Fusion up to Mt. Hood. In addition I will be posting my amazing videos and pictures from my trip to Thailand!


  1. That's two blogs with the antlers. Are those becoming a permanent fixture?

    by Dan Harbison on 12/15/2009 5:25 PM
  2. Welcome back! I hope you had a great birthday; it looks like you did. Have a merry Christmas as well.

    by davidbetts on 12/16/2009 5:00 PM
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