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Dec 11

NBA Makes Goal-Tending Legal for MVP Candidates, Blazers Remember They are Young

By Revfisk Posted in: RudyFernandez, JoelPrzybilla, BrandonRoy, JerrydBayless, AndreMiller, LaMarcusAldridge, MartellWebster
There is no doubt that Lebron is the man, but my goodness....Blocking a shot at the height of the arc by definition.  Even MJ couldn't get away with that kind of no-call.

Even so - it's hard to not be proud of our guys.  I posted as much the other evening after Indiana (though the post was lost in when I hit "compose" instead of "post.")  They muscled hard, and the guys that we know have the skills showed glimmers of breaking through like we know they should. 

I think Martell Webster has the potential to be an All-Star.  I'm not sure what it will take to break him out of his either "I'm streaky crazy hot" or "I'm a complete cold brick" modes.  Even a hint of consistency will make him one of our greatest players.  I know that type of play, cause I was that type of player.  And Martell, brother - it's in your head.  You're an NBA player.  Do it.  You more than can. 

Pryzbylla is the absolute man.  That block (no - not the foul) that BLOCK of Shaq trying to dunk on him was phenomenal and had me out'a my seat.  His hustle and heart are a big part of what this team seems to have been missing during that "huh?" period. I love seeing him gather the team after every play and focus them.  And don't get me wrong: I WANT GREG BACK ASAP.  But we need to find a way to use get that "field commander" attitude on the court when Pryz is on the bench.

Oh...and have I mentioned that anyone who wants us to trade Andre Miller is...well...needs to go to school to learn how to do something else?

Bayless still doesn't get enough time - but neither does he prove he deserves it.  He's a scoring machine - I think - but he never scores.  Yes...he's listening to his coaches....Meanwhile, Howard also flashed his real worth as a pick up...for a quarter.  Yes, he's an old man.  But brother, if you're going to do it in the 2nd quarter and keep Dante on the bench, then do it in the fourth quarter too please.  Brandon shot poorly, and Verajao (by being the Bill Lambier Cheater that he is) kept LA from getting his game on. 

I know I'm being harsh, and I know we've only got nine men.  But I'm coming down on them a bit becasue they absolutely have the skills.  It's so clear how good we are.  It's like other teams are sitting there wondering why we're playing nice.  We just went head to head with Cleveland at the Q and were within striking distance but for Lebron playing by different rules and Mo Williams banking a freethrow off the front end of the rim with six seconds left.  That says a lot. 

Where was it when we were healthy?  Will it be ther when we get healthy?  I still sit back and think: we are SO young.  It's no excuse.  It's hope.  We're like a 9 month old big puppy.  All the potential is there but he's still wetting the floor and chewing up your shooes.  It's coming.  A little discipline and a good vet, and you'll have something worth being proud of.

Home for Milwaukee, who are dangerous, though slumping a bit.  But if we can play half as well as we held up tonight for the next six weeks, we'll still be above .500 when Rudy gets back.  That isn't exactly playoff caliber in the WC - but, like I said, we've got a 50 win season even in these 9 men, if they figure out who they are and stop playing like they've got amnesia half the time. 

The glimmer of Celtics style greatness-last-minute-steal-win tells the story of what could be (not to mention giving a glimmber of what a real spoiled star can act like towards his coach and teammates.)  When we're looking to score, unwilling to hesitate and letting our skill do the talking, we're in the game.  When we decide instead that we're young, questione whether it's really possible, and decide to dribble 15 seconds off the clock at the top of the key 2 of every 3 possessions - well....

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Go Blazers.


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