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Dec 05

If that's what it takes to get Brandon hungry, then I guess that's what it took.  For all the amazing chaos of injuries we've racked up in under a week, one can't be more proud of the down to the dregs gut of our guys after that win. 

I am beyond disappointment at losing Oden.  I've really enjoyed watching him mature and was looking forward to him really breaking out.  Let's pray this big man guts it up, says, "third times the charm" and rehabs that sucker right back for the run that counts.

For this year, even in the worst case scenario that we lose Rudy for some games, I still love watching these boys play so long as they come to play.  I don't care half so much about the wins and losses as the heart - and that's what made this losing streak so tough to chew on.  Tonight, there was heart.  Not gonna be sleepless over that at all.

Oh, and God bless Andre Miller.  Anyone talking about trading him needs to quiet down right quick.

And anyone saying "trade BRoy," just do yourself a favor and go cheer for another team, k?


PS In a moment of silence and mourning, I will be changing my starting five until Oden's return.  Much love to Pryz - he's the most underrated center in the game.


  1. Let's pray it is a clean break of the patella and there is no tears or ligament damage.
    All we have left right now is heart though. Down to 9 healthy bodies, best bench scorer gone, and 2 best defenders are gone as well.

    by DHawes22 on 12/6/2009 12:01 AM
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