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Mar 17

Different Styles for Different Figures

By Chaoqun Wang

Since different dress styles fit people in different figures, it is necessary to know something about dress styles.

Firstly, it is the princess wedding dresses, the style of which is suitable for most brides. It has fitted vertical seams running from shoulders down to a flair skirt with no seam across the waistline. The skirt looks like the shape of the letter "A" and is called an A-line skirt. Therefore, some people refer this style as A-line wedding dress. This wedding dress style is suitable for most brides as it helps to make the waist look slim and hide the hips. If you like to add volume to the dress for a more dreamy look, a hooped petticoat beneath the skirt may just do the trick.

Then it comes to the ball gown wedding dresses, which might be the best solution for brides with wide hips. The name "ball gown wedding dress" is self-explanatory. If you have absolutely no clue, think of what Cinderella wore to the ball. Some people called it the "fairy-tale" style. The silhouette of ball gown wedding dress and princess wedding dresses can be quite similar, especially when the volume of a princess wedding dress is enhanced by petticoat hoop. The main difference lies in way the seams run. Here is how you can differentiate: for ball gown wedding dresses, you will see a seam running across the waistline and the skirt starts to balloon up from there.Ball gown wedding dresses are usually paired with fitted bodice line. They look fabulous on brides with slim waistline and is perfect for hiding full hips - good disguise for pear body shape. Note that brides with large body frame should think twice about this style as it may make them look bigger. On the other hand, very petite brides may also find it overwhelming to carry too much extra fabric for their small frame.

Sheath wedding dresses flatter balanced body shape most. They are also known as column wedding dresses. Like princess wedding dresses, the seams runs vertically from the shoulders down to the floor but the hem is not as flair. In fact, sheath wedding dresses are usually body-hugging and reveal the body shape easily. This style work best for tall, slim brides with balanced figures. It is also suitable for petite brides as it creates an elongated illusion. Brides who dislike their body shape should avoid sheath wedding dresses no matter how beautiful the dresses are. You won't want to end up hating the way your body look in your wedding photos, do you?

If you are a bride with small bust, try an empire wedding dress. An empire wedding dress style has a high waistline. The seam is just underneath the bust where the skirt starts and falls all the way to the floor. The empire line is normally straighter than the princess line but is not as body-hugging as sheath wedding dress. Empire line is best for slim brides with small-bust. Because of its long, straight silhouette, petite brides will appear taller in empire wedding dress. This style is also a good option for pregnant brides as it provides comfortable room in the waist compared to wedding dresses with lower waistline.

At last, if you are just the one with curves to show off, why not ask a mermaid wedding dress for help? The mermaid wedding dress is also known as trumpet wedding dress dress. It is close-fitting until the knees where the skirt starts to flair out, creating the shape of a fishtail or a trumpet. This is a relatively modern design which is gaining popularity. The narrow bodice design is great for showing off a body with nice, balanced curves. Mermaid wedding dresses are not only fantastic for tall, slim brides, they are also great for petite brides who wish to look taller. However, this wedding dress style is rather "unforgiving", brides who dislike their body shape should avoid it.

Certainly, for full-figured brides, trumpet bridal dresses can be a great option. It is a style of gown that features a gradually-flared skirt and a close-fitting bodice that skims the lines of the body, through the hips. Trumpet wedding gowns are less constrictive, and the flare generally starts at about mid-thigh, whereas the mermaid silhouette tightly hugs the hips and legs, flaring at the knees. It adds feminine curves to a straight figure and offers a well-balanced display of drama and glamour. It's a great option for full-figured brides who like the look of the mermaid silhouette, as it offers the perfect balance of curve accentuation and minimization.


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