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Sep 19

2014 Brings Hope Back to Rip City

By Baileyshaw34

At the end of the 2012-13 season, i think we can all admit we were disappointed. Finishing the season on a slump like that was clearly not a desirable way to bow out the season, however, it was inevitable. The lack of depth in our bench was always going to be a decisive factor come April, and it ultimately finished our season. Having said that, the blazers are on the rise. If LaMarcus Aldridge decides to stay with Portland throughout the entirety of the 2013-14 season, simply put, the blazers will be very productive. Damian Lillard has showed no signs of complacency throughout the off season, and if Nic Batum and Wes Matthews can stay healthy, our core is looking as strong as ever. 

Now the most exciting part, the Blazers production in the off season, highlighted by recruits C.J McCollum, Thomas Robinson, Robin Lopez and Mo Williams, the Blazers have found the depth that they so desperately needed last season. Lillard now has a strong pair of guards to lean on in order to get valuable rest minutes on the bench, and the blazers maintained a strong frontcourt in the absence of J.J Hickson with Robin Lopez being a strong presence down low. Thomas Robinson is set to break out this season, after settling in Portland after a hectic rookie season.

The most exciting addition however, is C.J McCollum, funnily enough, he reminds me largely of Damian Lillard, he can shoot the basketball, get his team mates involved, and showed leadership qualities when playing college at Lehigh. He's a very exciting player with enormous potential, and is set to make immediate noise in Portland. 

If this isn’t enough to have Portland fans excited, then how about the prospect of having a full strength healthy team with depth going into the season, its the first time that has occurred since the Brandon Roy days! Simply put, I am excited for this upcoming season, you should be too 
-Bailey Shaw 


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