Aug 29

#TBT Terry Porter's And-1, The Best High-Five, And A Sweatshirt To Remember

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Throwback Thursday or more widely known as #tbt on the interwebs is a one-day stroll down memory lane. And for nostalgic folks like myself who collect vintage Dairy Queen Glasses from the early 90's, set the DVR to watch games from the 1977 Finals, and plaster retro memorabilia over my cubicle at work, it doesn't get much better than Thursday.

Today's clip comes from the 1990-91 season; a season that saw the Trail Blazers win a franchise-record 63 games and at the time, set a franchise-record for most wins on the road with 27 (a mark that would be broke by the 1999-00 Trail Blazers who won 29). Portland had just beat Seattle the night before on March 26th, 126-113 and made the quick drive up I-5 for the back-end of the home-and-home with the Sonics on the 27th. The game was played in the Tacoma Dome and although the Trail Blazers were in their patented road blacks, you would have thought they were hooping inside the Glass Palace as the arena was filled with thousands of BlazerManiacs who made the trek up to Tacoma to see their boys in action. Side note: Back in the day, the Memorial Coliseum was one of the smaller buildings in the NBA (12,666) and made up primarily of season ticket holders, making home tickets very difficult to come by, which is why so many of our fans were in attendance that night. You don't pass up an opportunity to see one of the greatest Blazer teams of all time.

Although Portland won comfortable the previous night, they found themselves down, 61-42 at the break and by as many as 24 in the third period. But when your Starting 5 features Terry Porter, Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Buck Williams, and Kevin Duckworth and you have the luxury of bringing Cliff Robinson and Danny Ainge off the bench, 24-point deficits evaporate in a big hurry.

The game was tied at 105 apiece and Kersey, like he always did, dove on the hardwood for the loose ball, and kicked it out to Clyde. And while he didn't look up when dribbled and never was a threat to go left, nobody in the league was more lethal on the break than Drexler who spotted his running mate in the backcourt streaking down the right side. Clyde fed Terry for the go-ahead And-1 to give the Trail Blazers a lead they would never give back. Portland defeated Seattle 112-107. The 24-point comeback, at the time, was the team's second-largest ever.

Lastly, how great was the high-five between Porter and the fan sitting courtside? Normally, these can go wrong with incorrect timing and not knowing whether to go high or low. But this was perfect, just like the comeback. I loved seeing those guys so fired up after momentum-changing plays. Also, if anyone has that sweatshirt the lady is wearing, I got cash!

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