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Jul 04

And Lopez is going to be a Blazer

By riverman
I can live with this move. Robin is only 25 and is coachable. At this stage he's got Jared Jeffries roster spot without trading a starter or rotation player. Pretty smart move. We could actually resign JJ now if it was in our interest to do so and pick up a point guard.  


  1. oops, not everything posted just now so, according to Woj, a 3 team deal with Sac and New Orleans will net us Robin Lopez for future draft picks and cash considerations. We still have a boatload of cap space.

    by riverman on 7/4/2013 2:24 PM
  2. and happy 4th to all!

    by riverman on 7/4/2013 2:24 PM
  3. riverman, dont be surprised if now is when we move L.A. to Chicago for Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler. I think if we do, we can keep JJ Hickson.

    by commontongue on 7/4/2013 4:35 PM
  4. We traded Jeff Withey and one future second round draft pick.

    by Angi on 7/4/2013 4:46 PM
  5. Angi, according to several blogs on the trade by Woj and David Aldridge, we didn't trade withey but traded 2 future 2nd round picks and paid 1.5mil trade kicker for Lopez plus Terrel Harris ( I think that's his name? ) Withey, Leonard and Lopez are all currently Blazers.

    by riverman on 7/4/2013 5:47 PM
  6. I should say will soon be, on the 10th Lopez can sign

    by riverman on 7/4/2013 5:47 PM
  7. I'm stoked on this move! And getting Thomas Robinson! And yes, now we sign J.J. Hickson and then get a backup PG. L.A. should agree that this team got way better so far this offseason. This all adds up to playoffs!

    by Coop on 7/4/2013 6:20 PM
  8. Looking at the free agent tracker for PGs: Aaron Brooks, Devin Harris, Jarrett Jack are all unrestricted. Or Jeff Teague and Gary Neal are restricted. I'm a fan of bringing back Jack!

    by Coop on 7/4/2013 6:27 PM
  9. I'm thrilled we didn't pay 9-14 mil for a slightly better center that's older and or not a great defender, Kaman or Jefferson. Upside is for 5 mil, Lopez improved across the board last season and played 82 healthy games. That's a start! Could still pay Jermaine O'Neil a mil and change and have Lopez and O'Neil cheaper than Kaman or Splitter. We were going to overpay for less return with the free agent centers out there anyway just to get one.

    by riverman on 7/4/2013 6:41 PM
  10. Angi you're right, I just read an update that Withey was included, that waters it down a bit for me. I liked Withey on a rookie contract. Don't know anything about Terrell Harris so that'l be interesting

    by riverman on 7/4/2013 6:58 PM
  11. @ct...hasn't been much JJ buzz, makes me think something is in the sign and trade works.
    @Coop..Chauncey Billups, Andre Miller, Ronnie Price, Gary Neal, there are a lot of bargain priced pt guards. Billups will be let go and Miller wants out of Denver. I'd love to have either behind Lillard.

    by riverman on 7/4/2013 7:54 PM
  12. Still need a 3rd string brute center, a 2nd string high end veteran 3 and figure out who will be 3rd string point. Robin was very near the top of my list even though he wasn't a free agent. Sorry to see Withey go. He would have been perfect for us. I'm looking at Kirelinko, Alan Anderson (TOR) and Corey Brewer for the 3. Now we have 5 SG's. Still need to beef up the D a little. Aaron Brooks got waived.

    by davsykes on 7/6/2013 8:24 AM
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