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The Quiet Among the Noise

By Kassandra Posted in: Blazers
Free agency is quite possibly the busiest time of the NBA season.

Think about it. For 10 magical days of moratorium, teams are talking to players (and vice versa). Many teams (if not all). Many players. Many agents. Each team has around four free agents; give or take a few. The big question for teams: Which guy(s) would make us better? The players: Which team will give me the best chance to showcase my skills and make a run to the championship? The agents: Which team will bring my client the most money?

We've already heard of countless meetings and negotiations, and some tentative agreements. What we've not heard are even more contacts which don't make the headlines nor tweets. In other words, there's just a lot going on about which we've not heard.

I know of three substantiated reports of players with whom the Blazers have talked. Pardon me if there have been more, but I've been working the past couple of days. But the other reason I haven't been paying attention to much.

I've got some of my own preferences in players I'd like to see in a Blazers uniform. I've mentioned a few of those names, but not with a vested interest in one or another. Ultimately, I want to see the team fill the holes, get the pieces it needs and drive to and through the playoffs.

I think that's the commonality which binds all Blazers fans, regardless of our differences in how to get to that point.

This is my usual course of action at this time. It's early in the process and free agents can't even be signed until July 10th. Sure we're all throwing around names we'd like to see and spots we'd like to fill. I'm guessing Neil Olshey is working with a lot of names and contacts and I'm glad he's at the helm. When it comes down to it, Olshey, Paul Allen and the rest of the free agent outreach team (I'm sure not an official name, but it sounds about right) are the ones with a plan for the future. 

As I mentioned in my blog last year, I trust Olshey. I'm confident that having an experienced general manager for the second summer will produce the kind of results we hope to produce. 

Therefore, as I commonly do at this time of year, I'm going to remain quiet for at least another week. Quiet in the loud sea of conjecture, speculation and hopefulness. Besides if you've read my blogs as of late, you're well aware of my opinion on these types of rumors.

I think it's time to just enjoy this ride and see where it takes us.


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  1. Hey Miss Kassandra: I am sorry, but I can't imagine you as the quiet one, I mean that in a good way, by the way.

    Nevertheless, I sure can get your meaning, as too not getting involved with the hype and downright BS; so quiet is a good way to describe that.

    by Hg on 7/2/2013 7:16 PM
  2. These ten days are like the week before Prom...Teams asking and players saying yes. Dwight Howard's quite the prom queen.

    by Choong Huh on 7/2/2013 7:24 PM
  3. @Hg i actually am pretty quiet. i can speak loudly when necessary. there's just too much speculation which never comes to fruition. i'd rather wait and see what happens rather than getting my hopes up for one player or another.

    @Choong Huh: thanks for commenting! i like you're analogy. Howard certainly is quite the prom queen!

    by Kassandra on 7/2/2013 8:30 PM
  4. Hate to bust everyones bubble, but basketball isnt about quiet, its about riot. I enjoy the banter of an aspiring journalist as much as the next person , but as a former Marine, im about action. I only trust those who have been in the trenches. I despised those Westpoint types who regurgitated Patton's spiel and didnt partake in brandishing a warriors shield. I dont choke, and i dont blow smoke. I like Olshey too,but show me. Move the needle sounds better when you actually do. Lillard...R.O.Y. so what. We've had one. What did that get us ? Nada. Bupkus.Zilch. You want the truth ? You cant handle the truth !!! Get us some talent. Buy it !!! Steal it ! Paul isnt as invested inspending as we arte in cheering. And before someone revisits memory lane about what he's done in the past, so what. This is what he and we signed up for.Championship organizations take risks. If you own a franchise, then you have money to play with. Start playing !!!! I dont care about salary,politics or any of that other caca that keeps teams that we cheer for in mediocrity. My wife and i switched to comcast so we can see our team compete for a championship. I dont care about salary caps,luxury tax or CBA. I care about the game. If you arent going to give us REAL fans something to cheer for,dont waste our time or money with politics. Do whats neccessary to win. If you have to give up some of your Billions to make us relevant..do it. LaMarcus is a beast at the PF position that deserves to have some help at the pivot. DO IT ! Otherwise, shut up, sell the franchise to a Russian with the cajones to at least make us formidable.

    by commontongue on 7/2/2013 9:25 PM
  5. Hey Miss Kassandra:

    As I have never had the pleasure of meeting you in the flash or hear your voice, cry, cry, cry; but I have read all your post on most blogs, have read all your blogs and have chatted with you on Blazer TV, so I only have your pen to analyze. All your communication by pen comes in loud and clear; of course when LeBrona the Prianha is activated I can almost hear you shout.

    Therefore in this case maybe the Pen is mightier or louder than voice speaking it. I have read, digested, analyzed, debated and or agreed with all your writings and I like the fact that there is no beating around the bush, you just come out and say what is on your mind
    LOUD and CLEAR.

    I do understand that is much different than making a lot of useless noise, as you were speaking about.

    by Hg on 7/3/2013 8:40 AM
  6. 1 of the reasons why I like LMA is bc I can identify w/ him @ least a bit ;) What I meant by that is he's a guy that doesn't generally say much but leads by example/action; this is for the most part the best way to handle most things in life BUT... when it comes to a time like this (& some other times) when we've only a 10 day window (< now of course)... leading by example/action takes the form of words/vocalization. There's a STRONG chance all of our speculation etc. during this time falls upon deaf ears (aka FO doesn't care ;) BUT IF we COULD have some sort of influence... NOW is the MOST critical time for them to hear us & just the possibility is worth the shot ("u miss 100% of the shots not taken" thing?). Again, FO will ALWAYS do what they're going to do & even IF we had any influence on outcomes generally, we wouldn't know BUT 2 me, it doesn't really matter if I know/don't that I/we had influence, important thing is IF we ACTUALLY did ;) So, w/ all that said, I mostly don't post all that much & often BUT w/ all this biz going on... I've tried 2 b the MOST active I possibly can b; I don't care if they/any 1 gets sick of me writing/talking; as long as what I/we've said makes/could make a difference, I'm good ;) I for 1 won't sit quietly/go into auto pilot & let FO dictate everything; like I said, they may ignore or not even c what I've written but @ least it's out there & there IS a chance that they'll c this & our other comments. FO/Blazers organization r trying to win a championship but they're also trying to run a profitable biz, that means $ & the $ comes from us; it's important to listen to ur customers/lifeblood @ least some of the time if u want to prosper or even JUST survive. I'd say now is a pretty good time 4 Paul & co. to maybe take a peek @ what we're saying ;)

    Hello Hg my friend! :)

    by Simpson on 7/3/2013 10:33 AM
  7. @Simpson, you speak your opinion and that is what we all do, but we don't have all the fact, all the info on cap space, which players will come to Portland and which won't.

    To get into a debate about everybody some fan wants would make you lose your mind.

    On Blazer Edge, I read about a player that we may try to get, and it runs about 50-50 on whether he is good or bad for us. Therefore, how can a fan get behind the right player if they don't know all the circumstances. Therefore I side with Kassandra as to silently wait then support whichever players the FO gets.

    I will say, I like LaMarcus, I like watching him play, and I don't care if we can get more money out of him now, I want to see him in a Blazer uniform at least until his contract expires. That again is about 50% wanting to trade and 50% not wanting to trade him, so which way do we influence the front office in that regard. I used to play a game of trading pocket knives, you can get about the same quality from all the knife's you exchange, so why bother?

    by Hg on 7/3/2013 11:31 AM
  8. @ Hg, easily have seen/c the stance of silence ;) However some1 chooses to handle things during this time is neither right or wrong to me; I'm not saying every1 should increase their activity in here right now but IF they want EVEN a chance to b heard... now would b the time to try ;) I agree w/ u that some of our fans u can't fight or convince them to change their minds & u would indeed go mad trying! Hahaha! The things I say/write, r really more for the FO to maybe catch a glimpse of & THEN perhaps shed some new light for some1 reading ;)

    Players r not always like pocket knives; though should u mishandle some of them... u might end up getting cut ;p I agree that when players r similar enough & there is little/no real gain (this is a case-by-case basis & will depend on a # of factors 1 of which will always b what do we need/value @ that time), that we should stay pat; it's when there is some advantage(s) that it makes sense to make a move w/ that seemingly similar player(s).

    by Simpson on 7/3/2013 12:30 PM
  9. Hey Simpson, It's your keyboard, bang away. It is the media putting in things that are artificial that makes me stay away. Remember once a rumor is heard it is already history and the media is just trying to make news where there is none. Saying something in idle talk does not mean it is the gospel. I had a drink with a single girl in a bar the other night and that constitutes having an affair?

    by Hg on 7/3/2013 1:07 PM
  10. @ Hg, u can let ur fingers rest, I'll keep workin' mine over ;) I don't really talk much about making moves off rumors; the only real time I get involved w/ rumors is when they make me mad & I gotta vent i.e. LMA unhappy? Like I've posted b4, rumors r just that, otherwise they'd b called something else like...fact; WHEN rumors make the transition to fact, THAT'S when I believe them & really base anything off of them.

    Again, IDK & we'll never know how much/little impact what we say has on FO decisions but... I quote RipCity 14, "Yeah seriously, does the Blazers front office get their ideas from this message board? Because apart from Dorrell Wright, everything we suggested, like two days later there is news saying blazers are interested or blazers could get him. Example, Sam Dalembert, Kaman, Robin Lopez."

    by Simpson on 7/3/2013 9:44 PM
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