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Jul 01

Tony's Rants and Raves

By Tony Watkins
So, I hear all this talk about LaMarcus being traded!!! Are you kidding me??? What, do the Blazer's want to stay in perpetual building mode in "Forever and  Ever land???" Do any of you seriously believe Robinson, our newly acquired pick from Houston, can fill LaMarcuss's shoes? Robinson, a 2012 number 5 first round pick by Sacramento. Traded a few months later to the Houston Rockets. Traded a few more months later to the Blazers for two second round picks and a couple of European players, one of whom stands a better chance of landing a job at Starbucks than he does a spot at the end of an N.B.A. bench. Now maybe, just maybe, they will give him a towel and a broom and let him sweep the sweat off the floor during time outs. So, let's get this straight, a guy goes to three teams in basically his very first season despite being the #5 pick, gets traded for basically nothing (if I was Houston I would have Paul Allen at least throw in a manual on Windows 8, so I could understand how in the hell to operate the stupid thing). I promise you that manual will have more value than all four of those guys in the long run. Is it just me, or does it seem that something HAS TO BE WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.....Sure, the guy put up meager numbers, but not bad numbers if factored out over a whole game. So, it has to be something else, something nobody is saying. Usually that means a major maturity issue. Portland can definitely NOT GO THROUGH that again. Remember Sir Choke A Lot Latrell "crime" Spreewell?  The entire Jail Blazer era??? Let's see how it all plays out here. On the plus side we got a great #10 pick with C.J. McCollum and picked up Crabbe in the second round, a great pick that late in the draft. Both will be instant contributors. Well, that isn't saying much since our bench from last year could have been beaten by a decent 6th grade boys basketball team (mine won the City Golden Ball trophy that year, we could have taken them!!!) That 2nd unit needed a rim the size of a hula hoop to shoot at. What did they average, right around 20 points a game? Amazing we won over 10 games period. So, no, they are not going to trade LaMarcus anytime soon. We will need him more than ever once Hickson leaves.


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