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Jun 27

Welcome to the Trail Blazers!

By CamCripps3
The 2013 NBA Draft has come to an end and for many players, a dream has come true. While on the other hand, the fans have enjoyed the pre-draft period and are now ready to welcome the new rookies.

After a surprise to begin the draft with the Cleveland Cavaliers selecting Anthony Bennett from UNLV with the 1st pick, there was a little more drama to follow with some interesting selections and trades to follow. Then the time would come for Portland to be placed on the clock. This would begin Portland's draft.

Pick #10: CJ McCollum, 6'3" G, Lehigh.

CJ McCollum is a combo guard who has the ability to score and put up big numbers. Although a broken foot affected his senior year only allowed him to play 12 games, McCollum showed his scoring ability and explosiveness in pre-draft workouts. McCollum will provide a backup for Lillard, but will also be able to play alongside Lillard. Blazers fans can expect a scoring punch and a key asset to the backcourt stocks.


Pick #31(From Cleveland): Allen Crabbe, 6'6" G, California.

This guy is a steal. Allen Crabbe is a 6'6" shooting guard who is a good scorer and can do so at a high efficiency. Last seasons Pac-12 Player of the Year shot .459 FG and .348 from behind the arc on his way to 18.4 PPG. Blazer fans can expect a guy who knows how to score and ultimately shoot the ball well. As part of this trade, Portland sent two future 2nd picks to Cleveland for Crabbe's services.


Pick #39: Jeff Withey, 7'0" C, Kansas.

Jeff Withey is a defensive minded Center with great awareness on both ends of the floor. Withey posted 3.9 blocks a game last season at Kansas along with 8.5 rebounds. Withey will give Portland a much needed defensive presence who protects the paint and also has the ability to score. This is a great pick for Portland.

Pick #45: Marko Todorovic: 6'11" F, Serbia.

We do not know much about the 6'11" Serbian Forward who spent his last season playing in Spain. There is always a talking point with the International players, especially those who are selected in the 2nd round. Many choose to stay and play in Europe for a few seasons. As we all know Victor Claver and Joel Freeland have taken that path, the question is, does Todorovic remain in Europe before entering the NBA?

Overall, I believe it was a successful draft for Portland. Most of us Blazer fans know what C.J. McCollum can do, but I really like the look of Allen Crabbe. Known for his scoring ability, this could give the Blazers bench some much needed firepower.

Personally, I love that we drafted Jeff Withey. Being a Kansas Jayhawks fan myself, I watched almost every Kansas game this past season and have been watching Jeff Withey for the past two seasons. A defensive minded Center is what we need and I think we just got a good one. A steal at pick 39, I expect a solid contribution from Jeff Withey.

Like many other Blazer fans, I have never heard of Marko Todorovic, therefore cannot say too much. Right now I wonder if he stays in Europe for some time, but I guess the next few months are to find out.

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  1. i've already heard Todorovic is going to be stashed overseas. he still has two years left on his contract with Montenegro. i really like the second round moves which were made. getting Crabbe and Withey were great moves. definitely a successful draft for the Blazers!

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 6/28/2013 9:50 AM
  2. I was expecting Todorovic to stay overseas. I love the Crabbe and Withey picks! Even though it is a weak draft, I still think we got some valuable players and overall a successful draft.

    by CamCripps3 on 6/28/2013 1:48 PM
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