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Nov 28

Blazers blew in the Key of F# against the Jazz tonight... WTF?!

By S. Diamond Posted in: Jazz
3 for 18 from behind the arc, Andrei Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer collectively owning the Blazers, and lopsided production from the Blazers bench led to this 16 point loss and lackluster night against the Jazz.

I mean, how do you let the Jazz shoot 76 percent against you in the first quarter alone, and 61 percent overall? You would think Nate McMillian would've lit a fire under the butts of his players... Or at the very least, inspired them.

And you would've thought that with the loss of Paul Milsap and Andrei Kirilenko by the half that the Blazers would've seized the opportunity to come back.....

Nope. Another garbage night, because they let the loss from last night affect them.

It was good to see them crash the boards a bit more often, but giving up too many second chance opportunities killed them again... And Oden needs to stop getting into Foul Trouble! Pryzbilla, even though he is the village elder, is just not consistent enough at that this point to be considered a threat either on defense or offense. Even the Jazz Bear played better defense than Pryz, just by being able to get away with hosing one of the refs in the crotch with an ABC Extinguisher! (That was kinda funny considering the fact that that mascot didn't get ejected!)

6 for 16 shooting from L.A. also hurt us, seeing as though he's normally one of our top producers. And even though Rudy did manage to hit a 3, FINALLY, going 30% from the floor and 20% from behind the arc just doesn't cut it. I mean, you can't expect Jerryd Bayless to carry the second unit by himself, especially on going goose-egg from behind the arc. You might as well have Dante Cunningham shooting the 3 ball, let alone from half-court!

 *LOL  j/p*

Ok, jokes aside, Blake also dropped the ball by failing to convert from behind the arc. Plenty of decent opportunities from downtown for the team, a lot of open looks that weren't taken, and plenty of hesitation from the second unit really killed the rhythm of this team.


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