May 31

BlazerDancers In China: A Day In Xiangyang

By BlazerDancers

A little sight seeing in Xiangyang today.  Near Xiaobeimen Wharf overlooking the main road.

Rea, Leisel & Greta enjoying the view.

Lindsay, Rachel & Greta enjoying all of the local shops.

No matter where we go, we seem to be a novelty.  This is a group photo with a couple local new friends who found us amusing.

This simply cannot be real!  All the way in Xiangyang China, we find this OREGON T-shirt.  Amazing!!

Greta, Stephanie, Rachel and Lindsay in the gateway to a secret hideaway...

Learning about Chinese Rice Wine with Maggie from NBA China.

Time to pack. Heading for Shiyan, China in the morning to visit another dealership on Friday and Auto Show all day Saturday. New adventures here we come (complete with Chinese Oreos).


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