May 25

Getting Settled in China

By BlazerDancers
Hey Guys! We're settled in Wuhan, our first stop on this awesome trip for the NBA in China. What an amazing opportunity. Here are some photos from our hotel, restaurants, around Wuhan, the Auto Show and the inside of our car.

Breakfast of champions! Feels like the royal treatment here at the hotel in Wuhan.

Great combo of local foods and western items. YUM!

“Hot Pot Chicken.” BlazerDancers Lindsay and Stephanie trying local, popular food.

Checking out the city of Wuhan. Walking and shopping downtown.

Favorite shopping strip for locals. Good place for finding discounted high end items.

River Park overlooking The Bend.

River Park overlooking The Bend.

Morning workout. Getting our day started off right with a group class at the gym. Ballet class tomorrow morning!

Studying our lines for a Dong Feng commerical on our way to the Auto Show.

Finally arrived at the Auto Show. WOW, tons of people, and this only "media day".

Walking the red carpet at the Auto Show. Gotta find our way to the Dong Feng booth.

Leisel and Lindsay enjoying snacks in our VIP dressing room. Chinese goodies that remind us of Moon Pies and Kit Kats! Ha!

Yep, we're cutting a commercial for Dong Feng. WORLD WIDE! Leisel nailed it on the first try! A natural.

First day of performances, DONE! Back to the hotel for some down time and dinner.
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