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May 22

Filling in the blanks with vets

By riverman
Jared Jeffries Spot: Jermaine O'neil/Samuel Dalembert?

JJ Hickson's Spot: Pekovic/Splitter/Gortat/Asik/Vucevic/Jefferson/Cousins/Bynum/Oden?

Luke Babbit's Spot:Lou Amundsen/Paul Milsap/DeJuan Blair/Martel Webster/Kostas Papanikolaou?

Nolan Smith's Spot: Patty Mills/Nate Robinson/Gary Neal/Ronnie Brewer/Tyreke Evans/Jarret Jack?

Just how does a small market team with such a great core become a contender? Getting the right vets on the bench is a start.  Also really hope to resign Maynor.

LaMarcus, Pekovic, Batum, Mathews, Lillard
Blair, Leonard, Maynor, Claver, Evans
Mills, O'neil, Barton, Freeland, Papanikolaou....that's a pretty deep veteran roster.
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  1. Well Kostas is hardly a vet, I realize after writing, just thought I'd include him.

    by riverman on 5/22/2013 10:50 PM
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