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May 20

I read a lot of comments about Blazer defensive woes and most of seems to be directed at drafting/signing better defensive players.  Well certainly we need help at the 5, but at the other starting spots I have to ask myself is the problem player of system?  I tend to think of LA and Batum as solid defenders and I do not consider Mathews to be a liability.  Lillard has room to grow but he seems capable of doing so.  So is the defensive struggle in Portland a function of players or of the defensive system they are using?

I am hoping Stots phase 1 was introducing the offense, getting to know the players and in general getting a foundation in place for his system.  Their is only so much time in the pre-season to introduce new concepts right?  That opens the door to introducing his defensive scheme this off season with any luck and put the defensive ability of his players to better use.


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