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Video/Transcript: LaMarcus Aldridge Exit Interview

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On Thursday morning, following the Trail Blazers' final game of the 2012-12 season, LaMarcus Aldridge and other members of the team participated in exit interviews with the media. Here's full video of LA's session and a transcript. Check out for a full archive of interviews with every player.

On his exit interview with GM Neil Olshey and Head Coach Terry Stotts
“We talked about the season and the positives of the season and the things to look forward to next year.”

On what he’s looking forward to
“Coming back and being better and adding some guys to the team.”

On the direction the team is headed
“It’s definitely tough to have a season like this but I think overall we got some good pieces out of it. Damian’s a big-time point guard so that’s always good for us. I think these young guys should be better next year.”

On the importance team taking a big step forward next season
“It’s big for me. We have money in the cap and there’s gonna be some guys available so we’ll see what happens.”

On the type of player needed on the roster
“I haven’t thought about it and Neil and I really haven’t talked about it to that level, but he just said we have cap room and he’s gonna see who’s available and what guys want to be moved and just go from there.”

On reaching out to free agents
“If he (Olshey) needs it I would. I think offering Roy (Hibbert) the max really did it more than me calling him, so I think us having the cap room, that should do it.”

On seeing another rebuilding process through
“I’m excited that it should go faster than everyone thought. I’m happy that Damian is the player they thought he was gonna be and even better because that makes the process go faster and now if you add one or two pieces then we’re good and we can go back to the playoffs.”

On who and what he wants in a big man
“I haven’t really thought about it, but a big that clogs the paint, blocks shots, a real paint player. A guy that lives in the paint, eats rebounds for breakfast and dinner and just plays hard.”

On expectations for next season
“It’s kinda hard to say right now. I think we have to see what guys we bring in and what pieces we add to say how good we will be.”

On his game
“I feel like I have more to offer. I have been here a while but I feel like I can still get better. I think the elbow game got better as the season went one and I think that’s gonna be something that we work on this summer. Terry talked about it and next year I’m gonna try to do that more because when teams double me on the block that’s been tough for us. So me getting better at the elbow isolations, me being better on the block because I’m definitely a one block player right now, so I could definitely get better.”

On Head Coach Terry Stotts
“He’s good. He’s definitely gifted offensively. He’s drawing up plays to make my life easier, Damian’s life easier, so I think he’s definitely good. I think he’s very strict which is good to have with some of the young guys. I think he did good.”

On his offseason plans
“Go home and just work on elbow isolations, work on the three ball a little bit more and work on being on the opposite block that I love. I just want to become an all-around scorer where I can score on the floor anywhere.”

On the potential changes in the roster
“It’s hard to say, a lot of what-ifs. But I think right now we have these young guys and they’re good and we add one or two big pieces and it’ll be good for us.”

On how he’ll be utilized in the free agent process
“I think that’s understood. From day one he’s always had a good line of just talking to me and always keeping me in the loop so I think that’s gonna be given. He told me that we have cap room and he’s planning to use it.”

On accelerating the rebuilding process
“This year was a down year. I think it was better than what everyone thought it would be. It ended bad, but I think if we add one or two pieces this summer and then we have one okay season I feel like that following season we should be good, like really good.”

On unwinding after the season ends and watching the playoffs
“A little of both. I do watch certain players that I look up to or that I like their game, Tim Duncan and guys like that in the playoffs, I like to watch them.

On who he has winning the championship this year
“I haven’t even thought about it, I just lost last night. I’m just processing everything and I don’t even know right now.”

On if the season felt different with so many new players
“I’ve been through so many phases. I don’t think it felt different, it felt more like my rookie year with Brandon and myself and all the young guys. I had got used to playing with vets and I think you really take that for granted, having guys that understand the game, guys that know where to be and how to do this. I think this year it was an eye-opener for me trying to teach young guys, be here, do this and do that. I think it was one of those transition years.”

On how Damian Lillard can be better next year
“Keep adding things to his game. I think in this league when you prove you can do one thing then they gonna try to take it away, so I think next year just watch film over the summer and see what teams did to take him out and come back better next year.”

On Nicolas Batum’s growth
“I think he definitely got better at being a play-maker. He had that triple-double and he coulda had two or three more. I definitely think he got better at creating shots for his teammates and rebounding more this year. The only thing I want him to do is to keep scoring. At times he got too into passing the ball and I would like him to still take a lot of shots and pass the ball.”

Clarifying his thoughts on making the playoffs next season
“It’s possible. I think just getting into the playoffs isn’t really good, I’ve done that. I think one year, maybe barely getting in or not getting in, then I feel like the next year we should be able to really be serious about it.”

On working with Lillard this summer
“When I go home I don’t want to see these guys until next season. (laughs) Nothing against him, but when I go home that’s my time, so I don’t think so, but we always come back early anyways, so I’ll do it then.”


  1. Hey Miss Sarah, great Exit interview from LaMarcus.

    I can't wait until next year.

    We found two good reasons for having a deeper bench. When a couple of starters get hurt, there is no one to keep up the pace.
    when fatigue sets in that can also troublesome to win games.

    I will miss your bright eyes, sparkly teeth, and sweet smile this summer, but will keep checking the website for news.

    by Hg on 4/18/2013 3:35 PM
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