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On The Clock With Will Barton

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This past Media Day, I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and interview the Trail Blazers and Head Coach Terry Stotts ... But these aren't your average, run-of-the-mill basketball questions. Without further ado, here is the next installment of "On The Clock" with Will Barton.

Who's your favorite player on the Baltimore Ravens?

Will Barton: Ray Lewis (Ed Note: Even though Ray Lewis has retired from football, this question was asked to Will back in October when Ray was in the middle of pursuing a Super Bowl trophy.)

Were you ever able to locate a Joe Flacco jersey in time for the Super Bowl?

WB: I never got a Joe Flacco jersey, but found a Ray Lewis. I wanted Flacco because we both were the No. 5 (Ed Note: Will was asking the Twittersphere were in Portland he could get a Flacco jersey right before the Super Bowl. The photo above is of Will wearing that Lewis jersey he found and wore during the Super Bowl.)

The Ravens were rolling and looked like they had the Super Bowl in hand at the half but then the blackout hit. What were you thinking during the stoppage of play?

WB: The blackout stopped out rhythm and during the break the Niners got a chance to collect themselves. (Ed Note: Baltimore led 28-6 before the blackout. Once the game resumed, San Francisco charged back to make it 31-29 before the Ravens ultimately won Super Bowl XLVII, 34-31.)

If you didn't attend Memphis to play college basketball, you would have went to...?

WB: Kentucky

Do you still follow Memphis?

WB: Yes. They're going to make the Tournament and hopefully go all the way. (Ed Note: Will younger brother Antonio plays for the Tigers and while Memphis did make the NCAA Tournament, they lost to Michigan State 70-42 in the Round of 32.)

What's your favorite pair of Jordan's?
WB: Jordan 10's

Who is the one former, or current, NBA legend you would love to match up with 1-on-1?

WB: Kobe (Ed Note: Apologies in advance BlazerManiacs for posting this picture of Kobe in my blog.)

If you weren't in the NBA, what sport would you go pro in and at what position?

WB: Baseball, outfield (Ed Note: Once again, thanks to super intern, Mario Lucero for the fantastic Photoshop.)

What's your favorite cartoon?

WB: Hey Arnold, followed by Rocket Power, Dragon Ball Z, and Doug.

What's your favorite tv show of all-time?

WB: Martin

Who's your favorite character on Martin?

WB: Martin

What's your favorite basketball movie?

WB: He Got Game

How was Ray Allen's acting?

WB: It was good.

What's the one snack food you can't live without?

WB: Swedish Fish

What was your favorite Halloween costume you had growing up?

WB: Pirate

Madden of 2K?

WB: 2K. I'm going to get it right now. (Will was signing copies of fans' NBA 2K13 discs while he was waiting to pick up his own.)

What's currently playing on your iPod?

WB: Lil Wayne, Future, Yo Gotti, E Sosa, and Wiz Khalifa

What's your favorite album right now?

WB: Wiz Khalifa, o.n.f.i.c. and Lil Wayne, The Carter

What's your favorite Friday movie?

WB: Friday

Smokey or Dey-Dey?

WB: Smokey, but it's a close call.

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