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Apr 03

My Night As Verizon's Scorekeeper

By Alanalguerrero
I had an amazing opportunity for a night as Verizon's Scorekeeper of the game and I had a tablet for the night (which was cool). I met Sarah Hecht and I got to hang with her the whole night and it was awesome. I met a lot of people that night and my favorite Trailblazer, Meyers Leonard!

Throughout the night, I had a chance to go behind the scenes and had a tour around the Rose Garden Arena. After my tour we had dinner and had a chance to chat with her about her job and how it is like to work for the Trailblazers and I must say, she has an awesome job! After dinner, we went to sit court side as we watch several blazers warm up. It was pretty cool watching them and I was so close to them.

Right after I watched Sarah as she did her show with Orlando. The arena started to fill up. After her pregame shows, we went to our seats up at the media section and watched the game!

The whole night was an amazing experience. I never thought I would be given such an amazing opportunity and I will never forget this night. No words could really explain what I was feeling. It was just AWESOME!

Although the trailblazers didn't win, they did an awesome job! :)

I got to meet Blaze too!

Enter HERE for your chance to be the next Verizon Scorekeeper of the Game!


  1. Awesome night,,way to go.

    by WB456 on 4/4/2013 7:35 PM
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